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    Facesitters In Heat - Volume 21

    Starring: Mistress Jamie Elle, Mistress Missy Woods, Slave Vladi, Slave Mark Frenchy

    Directed by: Romulus Running Time: 60 minutes

    Mistress Jamie Elle stands above you, giggling and telling you to bury your tongue in her tight little ass in this hot POV. She bounces her butt on your face, spreads her legs wide and jams her pussy right on your nose. Jamie orders a studly male stripper for her friend's bachlorette party. What she gets instead is out-of-shape, pathetic loser Vladi. She laughs hysterically as he auditions for her, then tells him that not only does he suck, but he's going to suck ass. She lays him on her kitchen island and proceeds to FACESIT and REVERSE FACESIT him in her jeans. She laughs at him as he struggles for air beneath her denim, and grinds on his face with her full weight. Poor Vladi doesn't know what hit him. Jamie strips and makes the pathetic male dancer lap at her pussy and asshole. She orders him to tongue fuck her ass and bounces her butt hard on his mouth. She rides him to a wild orgasm.

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    Facesitters In Heat - Volume 20

    Starring: Mistress Missy Woods, Mistress Scarlett Pain, Slave Mark Frenchy, Slave Vladi

    Directed by: Romulus Running Time: 60 minutes

    Gaze up at wicked blonde Mistress Missy Woods in her debut POV. She plays with the thick pussy lips and spreads her cheeks for you, then laughs at your pathetic attempts to please her. She jiggles her tits in your face, but deems you unworthy of anything but her asshole. When you fail to satisfy her, it's time for a real slave to show you how it's done. Slave Mark sits with head on a chair, waiting for Mistress Missy who proceeds to FACESIT him in her black bikini. She SMOTHERS him with her crotch and tits before stripping naked. She whacks him with a riding crop, trying to get him to lick her pussy faster. She buries his face in her ass, bouncing and grinding while VERBALLY HUMILIATING him. Missy kneels on the chair and orders Mark to lick and WORSHIP HER ASS. She SLAPS him for not shaving, then makes him FINGER HER PUSSY as he licks her ass.

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    Facesitters In Heat - Volume 19

    Starring: Mistress Sophie Dee, Mistress Scarlett Pain, Slaves Vladi and Kade

    Directed by: Romulus Running Time: 50 minutes

    Sadistic and seductive Sophie Dee is really horny today and wants to use her slave to orgasm. She GRINDS slave kade's face underneath her CHEEKS, making sure he's focused ONLY on HER PLEASURE as she SLAPS his COCK repeatedly over and over as he tries desperately to jack off. Her FULL weight bears down on him, her PUSSY and ASS pounding his face, her ORGASMS soon coming FAST and HARD as she SMOTHERS him under her ASS and TITS as he gasps for each breath, her promises to let him CUM if pleases her soon turning out VERY bad for him as she GRABS and SLAPS his COCK to RUIN his ORGASM at the very MOMENT of his pleasure! Scarlett Pain lives up to her last name of PAIN as she brings a world of it down upon her SLAVE with her gorgeous ASS and PUSSY here in the second part of our video. Scarlett tries to bust up poor tied Vladi's ribs as she PUNCHES him OVER and OVER again before JUMPING onto his face and DEMANDING ORAL PLEASURE!

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    Facesitters In Heat - Volume 18

    Starring: Mistress Kelly Divine, Mistress Scarlett Pain, Slave Bubba, Slave Vladi

    Directed by: Romulus Running Time: 65 minutes

    Gaze up between the legs of big-butt goddess Mistress Kelly Divine in her dominating POV scene. She looks down at you, telling you to worship her beautiful ass. She spreads her massive, fleshy cheeks and winks her talented asshole at you. Then she orders you to her bed. Leading Slave Bubba in by his leash, Kelly orders him into position. She makes him KISS AND WORSHIP her black panty-clad ass before SIDESADDLE FACESITTING him. Not satisfied by his weak performance, she strips naked and slams her huge ass onto his face. She grabs his wrists and pulls his head deeper into her hot, wet crotch. He struggles mightily as she SMOTHERS him, but is no match for her big-ass power. With tremendous force, she thrusts and grinds her pussy and ass, driving his head into the mattress. She CUMS several times.

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    Facesitters In Heat - Volume 17

    Starring: Mistress Kelly Divine, Mistress Asa Akira, with slaves Vladi and Bubba

    Directed by: Romulus Running Time: 60 minutes

    Asian Mistress Asa Akira lets her ASS do the talking in the first half of our face busting double feature as she rides slave Vladi's face relentlessly, grinding and twisting her asshole against his submissive lips and tongue for HER OWN PLEASURE! Back and forth she makes him alternate between her pussy and her ass, not caring whatsoever about his inability to breathe, her only concern being the amount of ORGASMS her pathetic slave can bring her to. She continues to SMOTHER him forward and reverse under her ASS as he gasps for each breath, riding his face to ORGASM after ORGASM until she rolls over and makes him gently tongue her ass while she falls asleep.

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