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    2 Girl Blowjobs Volume 2

    Starring: Jacky Joy, Kaylee Hilton, Allie Rae,Gia Paige, Johnny

    Directed by: Romulus Running Time: 50 minutes

    Can your dick handle this much pleasure of 4 girls fighting over your cock? Four wet, hungry mouths! Two intense POV sessions of ball-draining cock-sucking!
    First big tit blondes Jacky Joy and Kaylee Hilton ambush you, desperate to play with your cock, driving you mad with their passion. They gobble your rod, whipping it back and forth from one greedy mouth to the other. They get greedy and suck the cock too long so they FIGHT OVER YOUR COCK telling each other to share it! Then they both agree to suck 5 times each, sometimes going over the limit making the other girl pull it away from the other girl! These slobbering, throating cock-whores will make you pop again and again.
    But save something for the next round, because gorgeous young newcomers Allie Rae and Gia Paige are starving for cock too.

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    Facesitters In Heat - Volume 37

    Starring: Sierra Sanders, Austin Taylor, Chad Diamond, Max

    Directed by: Nick Minos Running Time: 65 minutes

    Gorgeous Mistress Sierra Sanders needs you to prepare her pussy and ass for her hot date in this sizzling POV scene. If you fail to do a good job, she's going to kick you out and get a new slave. She peels out of her panties and spreads herself wide. You dive in, cleaning her holes with your tongue as she verbally admonishes you and shakes her luscious buttocks in your face.
    Stud Chad Diamond thinks he's getting laid when Sierra throws him on her bed. He doesn't expect her to pin him down, physically dominate him, and sit on his face. Soon she turns him into her obedient slave, makes him call her mistress, and eagerly eat her pussy and ass.
    She FACESITS and REVERSE FACESITS as she VERBALLY and PHYSICALLY ABUSES him. She crushes him under her full weight, squeezes his head between her legs, and bounces heavily on his head. She'll allow him to jerk off, but only after he's made her cum.
    He licks her ass and fingers her clit until she explodes. She she makes him slurp up her juices while she plays with his cock. She completely covers his face with her ass while her jerks himself off and cums.

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    Facesitters In Heat - Volume 36

    Starring: Austin Taylor, AJ Applegate, Max, and Chad Diamond

    Directed by: Nick Minos and Romulus Running Time: 61 minutes

    You're the disobedient bitch-boy slave of Mistress Austin Taylor in her ultra-close POV scene. She sits on a bar stool and teases you with glimpses of her pussy behind pink panties. But you only deserve her asshole, so she turns and rubs and bounces her ass in your face.
    Later, Slave Max sneaks into Mistress Austin's bedroom where she's sleeping. He hopes to steal her whip so she won't beat him with it, but she wakes up and catches him in the act. She punishes him cruelly, makes him crawl on the floor before climbing onto her bed where she proceeds to SMOTHER him under her panty clad pussy. She think it's cute when he can't breathe.
    When she allows him air, she makes him stretch his tongue to lick her. She beats his face with her big breasts and TIT SMOTHERS him. She SIDE-SADDLE FACESITS him while VERBALLY HUMILIATING him in the worst possible ways.
    She crushes his head under her full weight as she FACESITS and REVERSE FACESITS. Despite his fear of her, Slave Max can't help but jerk his engorged cock. Austin is quick to punish him for that, threatening him with her whip. She's the only one getting pleasure today.She grinds on his mouth mercilessly until she CUMS.

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    Facesitters In Heat - Volume 35

    Starring: Sierra Sanders, AJ Applegate, Chad Diamond

    Directed by: Nick Minos and Romulus Running Time: 61 minutes

    You follow the firm, young curves of Mistress Sierra Sanders into her bedroom where she ridicules your weak ass and pussy licking skills. She bends over and gives you deep access in this in-your-face POV scene. She fingers her pussy and butthole and laughs at how badly you want to put your worthless dick inside her.
    Mistress Sierra finds her pathetic slave Chad sitting in the corner of her room EATING HER PANTIES. She orders him to lie on her bed where she proceeds to SMOTHER him with her ass and choking him with those panties.
    She grinds and bounces her butt on the poor slave's face as he struggles to lap up her juices. She FACESITS AND REVERSE FACESITS and crushes his skull between her legs. He spreads her open wide and plunges his tongue deep. She forces him to stretch his tongue to reach her holes as she SIDE-SADDLE FACESITS him.
    Sierra CUMS as her slave stabs her asshole with his tongue, then she stands and makes him WORSHIP HER ASS, licking her crack and sucking her anus. He laps at her clit faster and faster until she CUMS again.

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    Facesitters In Heat - Volume 34

    Starring: Austin Taylor, Madison Rose, Max, Filthy Rich

    Directed by: Nick Minos, Eric Jover Running Time: 61 minutes

    Hot blonde MILF Mistress Austin Taylor stands fully naked and in command before you. You're eager to comply when she orders you to your knees and tells you to bury your face in her pussy and ass in this blisteringly intense POV. She spreads open her thick pussy lips for your tongue, then bends over so you can plunge deep into her asshole.
    Later, after using Slave Max as her TV remote control, she orders him to undress her and WORSHIP HER ASS. She makes him tell her how beautiful her ass is. He pushes his face into the softness of her buttocks, kneads them, and begs for more. His eagerness to please turns her on as much as his tongue lapping her holes.
    Mistress Austin FACESITS and REVERSE FACESITS him, bouncing her bum on his face and enjoying his struggle to breathe. She makes him lick her pussy, then stuffs her thick pussy lips into his mouth. She bounces her butt on his outstretched tongue.
    She SMOTHERS him with ass as she stretches out on top of him. As he struggles for air, she makes him take out his engorged cock. She strokes it with her feet as he suffocates under her full weight.

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    Facesitters In Heat - Volume 33

    Starring: AJ Applegate, Madison Rose, Chad Diamond, Filthy Rich

    Directed by: Romulus and Eric Jover Running Time: 53 minutes

    Hot blonde AJ Applegate may look like the girl next door, but she's actually a cruel and demanding mistress. In her POV, she orders you to your knees and teases you mercilessly, makes you beg as she plays peek-a-boo with her firm, gorgeous rump. She commands you to tongue fuck her ass and you're only too happy to comply.
    Slave Chad gets a face-full of pretty pink and white panties as Mistress AJ straddles his head. She FACESITS and REVERSE FACESITS, making her slave smell her holes through the thin, wet cotton. He can't help but jerk off as she grinds and bounces.
    She allows him to remove her panties, then lets him tongue her holes until she cums. He nearly explodes as well, but she slaps his hands away from his cock. She's the only one allowed to orgasm today! She SMOTHERS him brutally as punishment.
    Finally she allows him to WORSHIP HER ASS, licking her bouncy cheeks and tonguing her tight asshole until she cums again.

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    Facesitters In Heat - Volume 32

    Starring: Madison Rose, Sierra Sanders, Filthy Rich, Chad Diamond

    Directed by: Eric Jover and Nick Minos Running Time: 55 minutes

    Voluptuous Madison Rose shows off her fleshy curves and stretched out asshole in up-close POV while telling you how utterly worthless you are. She spreads her cheeks for your face, then lies back and invites your tongue into her pussy.
    Madison has been tending bar all day and is ready to close up. But her last customer can't pay for his drinks, so she decides to enslave him and take it out in ASS LICKING! She sits her red thonged ass on this broke loser's face, and commands him to serve her.
    Mistress Madison gets naked and smashes her sweaty pussy and ass all over her slave's face. She makes him stick his tongue deep in her asshole, then shakes and bounces her fat buttocks on his head. She SMOTHERS him until he gasps for air. She bends over the end of her couch and makes him lie under her and lap both her holes.
    As she writhes on his mouth, she VERBALLY HUMILIATES him for being a deadbeat. She grinds harder and harder until she has an explosive ORGASM!

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